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Fabulous 30:
Iím starting my business as a biller for mental health providers what are some questions that you ask prospects?

I would want to know where they are at with KPI's, MIPS, AR, and knowledge of LCD's.

I bill for Opticians and Chiropractors, the questions I ask are:

* What would you most like to see improved in your billing situation?

* Would you prefer I used your software to submit claims, or mine?

* In addition to claim submission, what additional services would you require. i.e. Follow up on unpaid claims, posting of payments, insurance verification etc.

* How would you prefer to get the daily claim information to me, Fax? Email? Already in your software?

* Is your claim submission and posting of payments caught up or would there be a backlog of these when I start.

* Are there any problems you've been having with your software that I should be aware of?

* If you want me to submit claims with your software, what hours do you prefer I not log into your system?

* When would you like to start?

Fabulous 30:
Thank you so much!

When I get a very probable and potential client I like to give them a full check list of what I need and I give them plenty of time to do it. But before I do that I like to get a few things that are much more important. It's like a test of sorts. Any potential client that can't produce any of these things either needs MORE help than just billing and I can pick up some consulting work, or, if they are not engaged at all or interested in having these things available to me, I move on.

1. I ask for their last HIPAA Assessment - I also give them mine, though many don't know it's mandatory to do so as it's an assurance under the BAA
2. copy of their policies / procedures - there is a lot of info in those that would cut down on all the back and forth questions later
3. copy of their internal and patient financial policies - again, saves a lot of questions later!
4. Do they have all of their carrier contracts and contacts - These are needed, and especially helpful if you plan to help with re-credentialing / negotiations

Once I have the above I move forward with the financials of the practice and I give them my check list.



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