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After 5+ years in this business I've reached the point where I can no longer service additional clients by myself. I want to expand, but renting office space and hiring an employee would reduce my income a good deal, even with the addition of an another billing client. I know 3 clinics (1 optician and 2 chiropractors) that expressed interest in having me taking over their billing in the next few months, in addition, my little direct mail campaign + a referral or 2 every year has me working 45+ hours a week. Complicating this situation is age, at 64, I'm going to want to start reducing my hours in the years to come, so don't know if expansion is a smart idea. I feel I need to make a decision pretty soon. So - should I bite the financial bullet and open up an office of my own, rather than work from home, or is there better alternative? Any suggestions would be welcome.

Are you thinking of selling your business when you are ready to retire?  That would make a big impact on your decision.  For example, if you are thinking of selling, you could open an office, build up your business more, and then when ready to retire it will be worth more to sell.  You could even stay on possibly part time as a consultant to help them thru the transition.

I would also like to encourage you to look at your current day to day operations to see if you can streamline anything, or make something more efficient.  Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern of doing things and don't stop to look to see if maybe there is a better way to do it, or maybe something has changed and it could save time.

An example in our office is enrolling for as many ERAs as possible, even the small carriers.  Autoposting cuts down on data entry time considerably.  You may be able to identify some jobs that you do that take a lot of time, and find ways to streamline them a little.  It's amazing how much you can do to save time.

No, I don't plan on selling the business anytime soon, but may reduce 1-2 of the more time consuming clients.

Great idea on the autopost era's. I'm going to start looking into that ASAP!!  :D


--- Quote from: williamportor on December 15, 2019, 02:17:59 PM ---No, I don't plan on selling the business anytime soon, but may reduce 1-2 of the more time consuming clients.

Great idea on the autopost era's. I'm going to start looking into that ASAP!!  :D

--- End quote ---

Hi William,

 :D I have a proposal for you for reducing clients. Please message me at me at my email/phone! It's important.

Much appreciated,

Sam Saini
(209) 219-9413
Hi there.

Have you ever considered hiring someone remotely? Or do you need that person to be in the same city as you? The reason why I ask is I have just started out in this business, I am in the Tampa Bay area and my business partner is in the Boston area. Our goal is bring on doctors of certain specialties and connect them with certified billers we have hired that specialize in their field. And they can be remote. Because my partner and I both have teenage children, we still want to be at home supporting them, but also making money. And to that, I am just not sure that I would open up a brick and mortar when I could have certified billers and coders in other states that also want and need to work from home and could get the job done. It could be a pie in the sky dream for me, but right now I have at least 3 friends who are certified billers and one who is a sister of a really good friend, are waiting for me to pass along clients to them so they can start billing and be able to work from home. It's amazing, being new to this and sometimes not knowing what I am doing, how many of my friends either know billing or have a close friend or even family member that bill and code. :)

Hope that helped?


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