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Hello - Can someone here recommend a good company to purchase errors and omissions insurance from? I've gone back 14 pages in these forums, and can't locate a suggestion. I suppose I should have done this awhile back. I've considered Hiscox Inc. but they have mixed reviews from the BBB.

I'm sorry but I don't have a company I can recommend.  :(

OK. May I ask---Should a medical billing company carry error and omission insurance??

It is recommended however we do not carry it.  Our lawyer advised us that we are protected by the way our corporation is set up and that it wasn't necessary.  I would love to hear what others think.  I'm not 100% confident in his answer.

I use Hiscox and it is ridiculously expensive- $1300 a year for my tiny business that makes 30k per year.

I have found no alternatives for ins specific to medical billers....


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