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I've been operating my own medical billing business for almost 2 years now, and have worked exclusively with mental health providers. My first client was a Mental health provider, and all the other ones have come as direct referrals from there. I love working with their specialty but have been thinking about expanding.

My question is what other specialties have you taken on for clients?? Any specialties that are easier/harder to work for?? Most or least profitable specialties you've run into?

Just some things I'm wondering about and hoping some people with more experience would be able to offer suggestions on :)


Mental Health is definitely a good one to start with.  Very few CPT and DX codes to learn.  But even though it is fairly simple, the experience you have will help you with many other specialties.  Each specialty has things that apply only to that specialty, but for the most part billing is billing.  We also bill for quite a bit of mental health.  We also bill for eye doctors, family practice, chiropractic, radiology, physical therapy.  It's hard to say 'this specialty is good' or 'this specialty is not' because we have found that it really varies more by office, than specialty.  Meaning, we have one chiropractic office that is very profitable, while another is a huge time sucker.  Both are DCs but both run their offices very different.  Overall I would say chiropractic is more work for the money because they get less money for a visit.  Between $30-$50 per treatment as opposed to mental health which is $75-150 per treatment.  They see more patients in an hour, but you have to bill four claims of chiropractic for one claim of mental health.  We do find that eye doctors are pretty profitable, as well as doctors that visit skilled nursing facilities.  I'm not sure if you are doing any psychiatrists.  They are mental health but on the medical side and they are pretty good as well.  That might be a good way to break more into the medical side since you may be able to get referrals from your current clients.

I have billed podiatry for a gazillion years, both in house and for billing companies, and it is extremely profitable if you know how to bill it, have the right kind of office you are billing it for, AND charge the right rate. Have also billed for orthopedic docs, and PCP's.  Ortho's are more profitable, but PCP's can be too, depending on office. Would steer clear of any specialty that requires a lot of auths, etc, like chiro's.

Thank you for the insights, it is very much appreciated!! Living in a more rural area where most physicians are associated directly with the hospitals makes it difficult to find any working/operating on their own. Private practice MH is very common, so they are easy to market to, I've been hesitant to take on chiropractic and I think I'll probably continue to steer clear of it.
It's helpful to have some ideas of other offices to look up and find out more about!


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