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I need to correct a few medicare claims.  trying to do it in my system. 
My options are 6 for correction of claim
7 for replacement 8 to void/cancel
I did them with a 6 and got an error message Medicare only accepts claim frequency code of 1. 
So do I need to go through Medicare site to correct these ?
I use Kaero if that makes a differnce

I am not familiar with Kareo.  We do our corrections thru Connex.  I would have thought it was a 7 though.  Do you have support thru Kareo?

Yes I have support and they are saying to use the the frequency code 1

Did you try using '1'?  If that's what Kareo is saying, and that's what Medicare is requiring, I would try using "1".

If that doesn't work, do you have online access to your Medicare portal?  We do ours directly thru the portal and it's super easy.

yes tried the one and its coming back as duplicate claims.  Yes have access to the portal and do them there


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