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Sorry I'm not familiar with Kareo.  I guess the only option is to do them thru the portal. :(

We work with Palmetto as our MAC and they don't allow "normal" corrected claims using 7 on the claim to show correction.  We have to go thru the Palmetto eservices website and do the "simple reopening" of a claim or call customer service and do the reopening over the phone.  They will let you add/remove/change modifiers, change diagnosis codes, simple corrections that need to be made.  If it's more involved and  can't be done, they usually let us know.

Hope this helps.


Stellar, when you ask Kareo for help always ask for GINGER, she is THE BOMB

Depending upon the "correction" you may not need a code at all with Kareo. I use this software daily, and have never needed a code, when resubmitting claims.


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