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Has anyone coded for MAT - muscle activation therapy? It's similar to what a chiropractor does -- body alignment -- but through manipulation and activation of muscles. I need a code before my insurance will consider covering it. Thank you.

I have not heard of MAT and when I research it nothing comes up.  I'm assuming it's a fairly new thing?

It's actually been around for a while -- 20 years. A number of physical therapists and trainers have adopted MAT techniques. Here is its website:
As someone who goes regularly, I'd like to see if my insurance will cover these sessions. They (United Healthcare) sent me on a search for a billing code as the first step. I was hoping there was one -- or something that would encompass it. Thank you.

Wow, it's been around that long and no cpt code?  Can the therapist use one of the other cpt codes for PT?  Or is it your chiropractor that is trying to bill.  DCs will have a harder time because most insurances only pay the manipulation or consider the other services part of the manipulation.  But if it's a PT then they could try one of the other PT codes. 

What PT would you recommend? My MAT practitioner is not associated with a chiropractor.  It truly is manipulation to get muscles working actively and evenly on both sides of the body. Thank you. I appreciate the help.


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