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Billing multiples NDC of the same drug

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How do i bill for J-Code on a pharmacy claim (CMS1500, 837p) if i need to include de NDC.

J9305 - Alimta.
Have 2 NDC for a vial of 500mg and 100mg

Doctor use for a dose of 750mg 1 vial of 500mg and 3 of 100mg. Now i need to specify on the claim

J9305, billable units (80), NDCs and NDCs units

Should i bill every NDC in its own line on the claim joined by a prescription number?

I do not bill pharmacy but I believe that you would bill them on separate lines for each NDC.

I want to know what claims are used for pharmacy billing

I'm sorry but I don't understand your question.

which claims you used for pharmacy billing?


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