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Researching a new software. After reading posts on here I have looked into Lytec. This one was mentioned a lot. I am a small business with about 12 mental health providers all private practices. It looks like this software would run me $248 mo. with a $12 database per therapist. I have 30 days to keep this discount. I would be going from a software (paid for) to a cloud version incurring a big jump for me. But I know I need to make a progressive move. This does not include a clearinghouse. I am comfortable with my current Availity (grandfathered in for now).  Opinions??  Also, I can pass this on to my clients - concerned with how to manage this. Thank you for the feedback.

Lytec is charging you $12 per therapist?  I haven't heard of a per provider charge like that.  I'm going to message my Lytec contact and find out if that is a thing.

There is a flat $249 monthly charge. The $12 would be for each database (provider). After you hear from your rep please let me know your thoughts.

I just sent you a PM.   ;D

I would recommend contacting another Lytec reseller to verify the cost.  They all pay the same thing for the software.  I'm really unsure what the $12 'database fee' is per provider.

We use SMG Systems in Levittown NY.  Deanna can give you info.  The resellers all get the same software, but provide different support.  We are very happy with SMG.  Full disclosure: I don't get anything for referring you.  But you should mention that I sent you because they always treat our referrals good.   :D

Thank you Michelle, is the SMG different from Lytec? This quote was for the cloud version. I will look up SMG and see about their pricing.
Thank you again


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