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what are the Billing Alerts that determine your revenue cycle?

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I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you are asking?  Billing Alerts???

yes, i am talking about billing alerts.

What do you mean by "billing alerts"?  I have been billing for over 25 years and I'm not familiar with that term.

Michelle - Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud Platform perform services for their users for a fee.  It is possible to get caught up in using these services and exceed the usage threshold that you've paid for.  Therefore, it is possible to set up "billing alerts" when you have used up your alloted time / data / whatever you've paid for.  That lets the user know that, if they keep using the service, they will incur an additional charge.

Google on "AWS billing alerts"  or "GCP billing alerts".

I do not know any Electronic Medical Records / Medical Billing software that operates in the same manner, charge-wise.


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