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Our office is looking to change our emr/ehr system and billing software.   We are specifically looking at systems for mental health only.  We also are wanting to have new system compatible with Gateway Edi/Trizetto Provider Solutions.
We do not want anything online or cloud based.

Any ideas??

I'd be really careful with mental health specialty only software's, I've worked on a few and there are none I'd really recommend at all. What is reason you need it to be specific to mental health?

Our office is Mental Health only.  I have a medical psychologist and LPC'S only.

What software are you using?  We use Lytec.  Not specific to mental health but we do mental health billing.  But I don't know anything about the EHR/EMR side.

We are presently using Quicdoc and Office Therapy by Docutrac.    When we initially purchased, we were told that both systems would be integrated into one.  Now we are told they are not going to integrate the systems.  It is double the work since we have to separately input all information into both systems.  It is literally the basic of basics and their technical support is not fairing very well.


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