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I'm working with the verification system but I'm not quite sure everything is correct there. Got the question:

1. Does anybody get info or a manual which medicaid's programs of TX cover "Room & Board" and "Coinsurance"?
Let's say I get a message from MESAV: 14 MAO, SSI RELATED, R, B. or 57 MQMB (MAO, SSI RELATED) R.

Thank you!

I am not familiar with Texas MESAV but your question is very unclear.  If you clarify what you are asking someone may be able to help.

I got this message: https://ibb.co/fuyOhb from the verification system that a patient is covered by this program.
I'm not sure that this program: 57 MQMB (MAO, SSI RELATED) covers "Co-Insurance" and doesn't cover "Room and Board".
Is there a way/a manual to check it out?


MQMB stands for Medicaid Qualified Medicare Beneficiary. Most MQMB members are qualified due to SSI.  What benefit are you wondering if that covers?

I have never used the verification system and I tried to look up those codes on the MESAV system but I didn't have any luck.  Have you tried calling TX Medicaid and asking someone to either walk you thru it or explain what those codes mean?

Struggle to clarify it covers "Room and Board" and "Coinsurance" for SNFs. No luck in this.

Bumped into this table https://www.dads.state.tx.us/providers/communications/2000/letters/attachments/CMS2000-08ATT3.html but I can't understand how to read the table...


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