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I am a new billing service and will be doing billing for a Physical Therapist who does house calls. I would like to know, if there is a way to submit claims electronically directly to Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield on their website, instead of going through a clearinghouse. I want to keep my overheads low. This therapist won't be seeing too many clients initially.
Thank you. Any help will be much appreciated.

Medicare has free software available to submit claims.  The issue is if you are using a practice management system you need to double enter everything.  I'm not sure about BCBS, because each state has their own (you didn't mention what state).  But there are some free/inexpensive systems.  Office Ally has free PM software but I have to say, I truly do not like it at all.  But the clearinghouse is only $29.95 per month per provider if you have over 50% government claims.  I'm not sure of any other free/inexpensive systems.


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