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Collecting from Clients efficiently



Please share the information of any ACH companies if you are using to collect from clients. I want to change from paper checks to electronic payments to collect from clients for the services we provide.

Thank you.

We actually use Paypal to accept credit cards.  Clients can go into paypal themselves and pay, or we can run the credit card for them so they don't have to have a paypal account.  The fees are very comparable.

Thank you Michelle.

Fyi - I found out ACH service which is very efficient comparatively. $0.48/Transaction (upto $5000/per transaction) and $15.00/month flat fee. Unlimited transactions. I will look into Paypal for sure.

Hope it works out for you!

I believe you are asking a method where you can skip sending paper based statements every month to your patients and start sending them electronic based secure statements and accept online ACH payments. If its correct then there are few solutions available now.

Solutions : Availity Offers Online payments, InstaMed offers online statements, collection of balance and statement as well as a function to save your customers cards on file for future balances, and PaySpan offers the same.

Hope this helps..


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