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"I billed codes 22850, 22210, 22590, 22600, 22840, 63045, 63001, 20930. The procedure was removal of posterior hardware C3-C5, ponte-osteotomy C4-C5 for cord decompression and spinal deformity, C3 additional decompressive laminectomy, open reduction of C2-3 fracture, Occiput to T2 segmental instrumentation and fusion, with allograft. There are bundling issues, can you help. Thank you"

I received the above as a private message and I'm posting it on the public side.

There's really not enough info to help.  It is very hard to help with coding when we don't have access to the patient's chart.  As a biller you can't just add modifiers to unbundle services, the notes must support the modifiers.  Couple of questions:

1.  Are you a biller or a coder?

2.  Were there any modifiers on the claim?


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