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Does anybody know anything about M.A. incident 2 billing for a physician outpatient office visit? My manager is wondering how to bill if the M.A. brings the patient and takes the History and Physical notes in a psychiatric office, before the Dr. sees patient. Not too Keen on this subject.

"Incident to" billing can only be done by a mid-level provider and up. An MA does not qualify.

Also, what the MA is doing is normal operating procedure in most offices that have MA's, and taking an H&P and making notes is part of whatever E/M code is billed that day. There is no "separate" charge or whatever.

An MA - medical assistant - is an employee, either of the provider or the group if it is a group practice.  Employees get paid out of the income that the provider or group generates.  There is no special billing consideration involved when the employee does the work that the provider or group is paying them to do.

Okay, thank you all for responding. If this doesn't fall under Incident to, what about physician extenders? If it's a 30 minute visit but the MA consumes 10-15 minutes doing vitals, expanding on history, meds, scribe, etc... does the provider just document that the NPP or the extender did? Since there's no coding or modifiers to apply, I assume we still bill for a 30 min visit but it's just additional documentation on the provider's part.

It can be considered as part of the E&M and yes it has to be documented.


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