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Hello team,
To bill for a psychotherapist, is a special PM software needed to do their billing?

Thank you.

Any medical billing software will work.  There are specialty softwares available but I don't know any myself.  There are softwares available from free to several thousand.  We have used Lytec for the past 23 years.  But that may be a little more than a solo therapist wants to spend.  It runs around $3000 for a single user.  There are other posts about softwares if you search the forum.

Thank you Michele.  Are there any free software you could recommend?

Stay away from Therapynotes..unless your provider only does therapy and nothing else.

I've worked on a few different mental health only PM systems... There isn't even ONE I would recommend. If they have a system already in place can you not access their system and work within it? Or if they are looking for a PM system, I wouldn't look for a specialty related system.


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