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I have been in private practice for awhile but always with other groups.  5 years ago I went off on my own and started my own mental health counseling business. I established it (the business) as an LLC using my individual EIN
Using an individual EIN number and an individual NPI number. After 5 years, and in-network with up to 20 insurance/EAP's companies I am moving to change the individual practice into a group practice adding another licensed therapist.
I'm unsure if I need to establish a new group EIN tax number AND a new NPI - 2 GROUP number.  Or just an NPI or a new tax EIN.
Please help!

Since you established an LLC with and EIN you should be able to use that as your group legal business name, EIN & NPI.  I'm surprised you used your individual NPI for the LLC though.  I would have thought Medicare would have required you to get a type II NPI for that.  But we have providers who hire others and have their benefits reassigned to them under their SSN and individual NPI.

I agree. Most insurance entities would require you to obtain an NPI 2 when using your LLC/EIN mix.

You only need a Type 2 NPI and then you can add as many providers under it.


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