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Medisoft and submitting corrected claims to Ability

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Hello All,
I use Medisoft V.19 and have for several years (obviously since they are on V23 now).  My clearinghouse is Ability.  I have always been able to submit corrected claims by entering 7 for the resubmission code and the original claim number.  Last week Ability started rejected corrected claims stating they were being sent with the frequency code 1, even though I am doing EXACTLY what I have always done.

Has anyone else come across this in recent weeks?

Thank you,

Since this is a very specific situation (using Medisoft, using an older version, the clearinghouse Ability) it is not likely any one else is having the same issue.  I would contact Ability and ask them what has changed.  Like you said, you have been doing it that way and it was working.  Since nothing changed on your end something must have changed at the clearinghouse.  So I would start by contacting them.


Thank you for your reply.  Yes, that was my first step.  They state it is on my end, not so sure I believe it, but it is what it is.  Considering switching to Claim MD in the future (since it is working well for you all)!

We are thrilled with Claim.MD.  Each day we grow to love them more and more!   ;D

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