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Hi All,

I am new here. I am looking into getting involved with Ambulance billing. I am an EMT and understand EMS very well.

My issue is, most of the billing software, guides, and info is all tailored specifically towards physicians and more "normal" medical billing. I was wondering if anyone knows of any EMS billing software that allows NEMSIS import?

I'm honestly thinking of writing my own software at this point and integrating with other things for invoicing, etc. just to manage the NEMSIS import and management of the PCR.

Figured it was worth making the account and asking :) I'm sure I'll be having more questions in the future, and lots to learn as I dip my toes.


Welcome to the forum!

I am not sure if there is any software specific to ambulance billing.  Even though it's not geared for ambulance, it can be done on most of the PMS software available.

Good luck in whatever way you decide to go.  :)

Chantelle Huber:
it is everything i could find


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