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I would like to become a DME provider,
However I am a non US citizen I have a company incorporated I am under the assumption that paper application can be done.
I would like to know what forms and documents would be required to apply for
2.Medicare DME accreditation.

What hoops do I have to jump through and how long would it take if I do it right now

Do you have an SSN?  I believe that is required for both the NPI & DME app.

No I don't have SSN, I called and checked with I&A, EUS, NPPES, and plametto
They said it can be done through paper forms like 855s and npi enumeration form

But I would like to know how long does it take
And has anyone here done it or heard of it

Also the Medicare credentialing Waivers due to Covid 19 if and when they are valid till

On the CMS 855S application, section 9A is for the ownership of the company and it says that an SSN is required.  That is why I asked.  See page 19: 

You can obtain an NPI without an SSN, but it has to be the paper form.  They state the paper apps take about 14-21 days.

Medicare has given Waivers/relaxation for new providers and enrollment how long is that valid till


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