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hello all- I have built my billing business up over the last 16 years and want to retire in two years. How do I go about selling my business. Most of the information on how to navigate all the speed bumps in medical billing are in my head!! I don't know how to price my business. Do you offer advice for someone selling their business. b.

There are several companies out there that will sell your business for you, like brokers.  Honestly I've never sold one so I don't have experience.  But we are constantly contacted by companies looking to sell our business for us.  Here is an article on determining the worth of your business:,more%20than%20its%20net%20assets.

I would start by figuring out what I want to get from it, then try to figure out where to advertise.  There is a website call    I'm not recommending them, they just came up when I did a google search.  Another one is 

Start researching and hopefully something will jump out at you.  Congratulations on reaching that point!

Oh, you can also post it on here.  Please message me first.  We don't allow advertising, but selling your business is not really advertising.   :)

Thank you!!

Best of luck!


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