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OB/GYN Billing and Coding
« on: July 27, 2021, 05:40:14 PM »

I just joined today to get some answers. I am new to OB/GYN billing and have been studying a lot about it lately. I have some questions and would appreciate if someone working on this specialty can answer.

1. Is it necessary to Bill Global maternity codes if the same provider renders all service (Antepartum, delivery and postpartum)
2. If Yes, Do we need to maintain a log and hold all such claims. Does anyone have a template (OB Flowsheet).
3. What services can we still bill outside global package.



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Re: OB/GYN Billing and Coding
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2021, 11:18:54 AM »
I have not personally billed OB/GYN however, here is some information:

Global maternity care includes:  "pregnancy-related antepartum care, admission to Labor and Delivery, management of labor including fetal monitoring, delivery, and uncomplicated postpartum care until six weeks postpartum" 

Services not included in global maternity care:  "laboratory tests (excluding dipstick urinalysis), diagnostic ultrasound, amniocentesis, cordocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, fetal stress test, and fetal non-stress test"

If the same provider renders all services then it should be billed as global maternity care.  I do not believe you need a "log" but obviously all care provided would/should be documented in the patient's chart which would technically be logging all services.

I hope that is helpful!

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Re: OB/GYN Billing and Coding
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