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Do I need a NPI?


I want to first apologize if this is basic knowledge and if this was already in the forums. I dug around a bit and couldn't find anything on this. I am in the beginning phases of starting my Medical Billing Business. To get straight to the point, do I need a NPI? I keep reading conflicting answers and I just wanted to get an answer from anyone on this forum, thanks!

No, you don't need an NPI and you couldn't get one if you tried, for that matter. NPI stands for National Provider Identifier. The key word in that is Provider. Only certain providers can get them, such as M.D., D.O, NP, PA, etc.

Should you incorporate your business, you will need a Tax ID/EIN number though.

"Should you incorporate your business ..."

Any one who  hires and pays employees and payroll taxes needs a Taxpayer ID / EIN.

That is, there are forms of legal entities other than Corporations.  Sole proprietors, partnerships, etc.

Excellent point, thank you for clarifying my response, Richard!

 :)  You are welcome.


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