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Any Suggestions for a name for my billing service?

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Hi everyone,
I'm new here and after 17 years in medical billing I have decided to start my own business from home and already have my first client, but I still don't have my business name.   Any Suggestions?

Picking a name for your business can be very difficult.  It is really hard to help someone else pick a name, especially not knowing anything about you.  If you had some suggestions we might be able to tell you what is the best.  You need to pick something that sounds professional, but yet is 'you'.  If you come up with a couple, post them, I'm sure you will get some input.


Personally I would like to see more billing companies use more professional terms like practice management instead of XYZ Medical Billing Company. JMO  the term "medical billing" is so vague and doesn't really do our jobs much justice.
Just don't steal mine.. LOL  Mine for my billing/consulting business is Healthcare Revenue Services (HRS)
Words like Healthcare, Practice Management, Revenue Enhancement..


Alice Scott:
Good info Linda.  Another thing to remember is that you are going to be answering your phone with that name for many years to come (hopefully).  So if you pick something long and complicated or cutesy (that you will get tired of) you may later regret your choice.  Choose something professional that you won't mind repeating a million times.

Since choosing the name is ultimately your responsibility, let me tell you how i chose mines.
I thought about what I wanted to portray. What image I wanted to represent. What did I want others to think about when they saw my name. I agree with Linda on a lot of the aspect of the name. I don't personally care for the cutesy names, but I am "obviously" ok with the use of the word billing. I didn't want to use "company" because I wanted my business to be an extension of the DME or Medical practice I serve. I see so many "home billing services" popping up everywhere, that I felt providers wanted to work with a company they feel they can trust, not just someone who wants to work from home. My name TriMed Billing Solutions stands for Trust Reliability Integrity in Medical billing. I provide Solutions to your billing issues. The solution could be reorganization, cash recovery, or Total Practice Management resolutions. I give a personal touch with a professional approach to your billing needs.
This is what I want to say with my name, and hopefully this is what they see.



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