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Do I need a license to open medical billing Home-office in NJ

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Hi !
I am almost ready to open medical billing office from my home. I have register a company. I dont have any certificate or license. All I have is 3 years job excperience ,knowledge & confidence.
Do I need license or certificate to a open billing office in NJ?
What do I need to open a billing office from home? I have enrolled for education and will get CPC-certificate soon.
Thank You.

i think you have to register with DOI..dept of Insurance in NJ

Yes Webs, you do need to register with the NJ DOBI.  Make  sure to follow all the rules when submitting the application, 3-ring binder, etc.....My application is in and I need to supply them with additional information.....I suggest if you register your business as an LLC. online with the State of NJ website, order an extra copy of your 'Certificate of Formation' and pay the extra $50, just in case the online certificate does not pop up as a PDF file (which in my case happened!  >:()

Feel free to email me if you have any other questions :)

Thank for answering my question.
I have register company as S-Corporation. not LLC.
Then also I need to go though NJ DOBI or not necessary?
Thank You,

Yes, you still have to go through NJ if you are in NJ or doing business in NJ.


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