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Two Office Visits on the Same Day

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I know we have seen this question a million times but I need help in regards this patient that came in twice in the same day.

Patient was schedule for Chemotherapy due to low blood counts patient didnt received chemotherapy but did receive an injection of Leukine and Procrit. Patient was schedule the same day to go to the Hospital for a Venous Doppler Lwr Bilateral.

The patient came back again to get an injection of Arixtra for Thrombosis embolism. Pt was thought how to self inject and pt was a given a prescription.

Help please. How do you bill for two office visits in one day?

I'm not a coder, but wouldn't you just make it one OV but consider the time and other criteria from both visits when choosing the level?  My other thought is bill both, expect a denial, and appeal.  But I don't think that most insurance carriers will allow 2, even with the details.   ??? ???

Any coders out there??

I am Michele.   That sounds good to me.   You would code as a more extensive ov.

Can I also use prolonged visits. Both visits were considered office visits level 4. Thats why am asking.



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