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Thanks to Alice and Michele for all the great resources they have provided through this forum.

I am starting a Home-based Medical Billing Business and have two questions.  I would appreciate your feedback:
      1.  Which Billing Software would be best for the business.
      2.  Would you recommend signing a contract for the billing software before gaining the first provider.

Thank you.


I've been doing this since 1997. My feeling with software is that you DO not need it. If you are an experienced medical biller you can work in any system/software. Why pay costs and force clients to transition if you don't have to? Years ago I saw the need to change my business model to accept clients using any PM system. I did this because I saw that clients rarely wanted to make the transition in time and of course revenue. If you are an experienced medical biller, you can work in any system, so why not keep your overhead low and diversify your services by working in the clients existing PM system? It makes NO sense to force clients to transition to a "preferred" system.. by working in THEIR system you can showcase your knowledge and experience w/out sacrificing time and money.

I won't say what is best sytem.. because the WORST system can be utilized by the best biller w/out additional costs or training. My clients LOVE the fact that I don't make them switch, there is no conversion time and best of all no overhead costs to me. :)

Thank you Linda for your timely response.  Great advice which will be beneficial as I move forward.

We do work in many providers systems as well.  It is good to be able to do that.  However, not all providers do have software so we also own our own software for those providers as well.  Just wanted to mention that so that you are prepared when meeting with a client.

Thanks Michele.  What software do you use?


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