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Looking for reviews and thoughts on OfficeAlly from people who use it.

We have used office ally the clearinghouse for many years.  Very very happy.  Customer service is great.  Price is great.  We do pay the $19.95 per month because over 50% of our claims are government sponsored.  We receive our ERAs thru OA as well. 

Thanks Michelle!

Any experience with their PM software? If not, which do you use?

I have used their PM software and unfortunately I don't feel the same love there!  We actually had a provider who was using it who hired us to do their billing but thru that system.  We did it for 6 months and then told him that we could not possibly continue unless they switched software.  I found that it took 4-5 times longer to do anything in that software than it did in most systems.

We use Lytec, and we have for 23 years.  It works great for us.

Do you use their cloud or local client version ?


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