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Take Your Medical Billing Business to The Next Level
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 Are you ready to take on more business? 

 Ready to hire an employee?

 Need to get better organized?

 Ready to get more done each day?

 Are you ready to go full time?

 Ready to start making MORE money?


Many of us start out our medical billing businesses part time and keep our “real” jobs. If you find yourself in that situation, and now you’re ready to quit your job and enjoy having your own full time medical billing business, then this book is for you! 

Maybe you’ve recently considered hiring an employee so you could work on marketing your business a little more? Or maybe you’re finding that the clients that you have now are more that you can handle by yourself? There are so many things to think about, and maybe you just have no idea where you can go for help?

This is why we’ve taken the time to write our newest book! We know what it feels like to be out there all alone… just trying to build up our billing business, and wishing that we could find someone to help!

We started our medical billing business in 1994 with no clients. But now, fourteen years later, we have a very successful billing business with over 50 clients, many employees, as well as all of our custom services that we do for other billers.

It wasn’t easy, and there were alot of bumps in the road, but we want to help you avoid as many of those bumps as possible, and jump right into running a business with even more success today than you had yesterday!

We want to shorten your learning curve and help you stop wasting time and money, by showing you exactly how we got to where we are today!

So… no matter what your situation is right now… if you’ve decided it’s time to step up your medical billing business, we can help you. We want to share the secrets that we’ve learned over the last several years… secrets that cost us lots of money and so many hours of digging through information to learn.

If we had only known these things when we were starting out… our business could have grown so much faster… which could have helped bring in the wonderful income that we have now!

You have the wonderful opportunity of having everything you need to grow your business right now in this brand new – instantly available – downloadable book!

This book will tell what you need to know about…

  • How to go about expanding your business
  • How to put systems in place so it will work
  • The costs of expansion
  • Work space and equipment
  • Hiring Employees
  • Training Employees
  • Doing follow up work
  • Preparation for growth
  • Goal setting
  • Marketing your business
  • Evaluating your current business
  • Evaluating your fees
  • Handling Challenges
  • Work space and equipment


Get your hands on this wealth of information
about growing your medical billing business!


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