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UB04 Forms
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Finally! Simple instructions for completely filling out a UB04 form! We take you line by line, and box by box. No more sifting through all of that technical jargon!

Don’t lose any more money because you are not completing your UB04 forms correctly! In less than 2 minutes, you can have a simple step by step guide to filling out the UB04 forms right in front of you!

Why buy the Giant $300+ book, which is geared towards hospitals,
and then have to sift through all of that technical jargon, when you
can have it broken down into simple steps?

    • Do you have any difficulty getting your UB04 claim forms paid properly?
    • Are you sure you are completing the claim form correctly and completely?
    • Do you understand what the “type of bill” is?
    • Are you familiar with Rev Codes

Why buy the “Big Book” for over $300, and
spend hours trying to find
the small amount of
information that actually applies to you?

In the past, the only way to be sure you were completing the UB04 forms correctly, was to purchase an expensive thick reference book which was designed for hospital billing… we call it the “big book”!

This “big book” is updated several times a year, and most of the information in the “big book” does not even pertain to clinics and outpatient facilities! Not to mention that the “big book” was written in very difficult to understand technical jargon, so just finding the information that you need in this “big book” is like wading around through a haystack… looking for your precious little needle!

Not to mention that it costs over $300! Way to much money to spend for the small amount of information that actually applies to you & your facility!

As you know… UB04 instructions can be very difficult to understand! What? No one told you that being a rocket scientist was a requirement to be able to bill for your company? Yes, we say that playfully, but you & I both know how much time can be spent just trying to figure out this one form!

But… even though it’s only one form… YOU still have the responsibility of figuring it out and filling it in correctly! Because if you don’t… your facility loses IT’S MONEY! And, I know you wouldn’t want that to happen!

We’ve gotten SO MANY pleas for help from our forum about filling out these forms, that we decided enough is enough! It was time to take action & simplify this process for our billing friends! If we didn’t do something, they were going to keep being denied by the insurance companies!

So… we came up with this very simple “step by step” manual to help billers fill in their UB04 Forms correctly & completely on the very first try! And… no… we’re not rocket scientists, so we don’t talk like rocket scientists! We wanted this manual to be very easy to understand. As a matter of fact, we feel that even if you are a beginner, you will be able to follow the line by line, box by box format & get it right on your first try!

If you bill insurance claims for a clinic or facility, this book is a MUST!

Just one of the drug & alcohol clinics who used our information reported that it brought in several thousand extra dollars in money that would have been lost due to claim denials!


“As the president of the Professional Medical Billers Association, not only do I whole-heartedly recommend and stand behind Alice and Michele’s books, we use the ‘How to Complete a UB-04 form’ e-book as the primary learning source for our ‘Facility Billing 101’ course! These books are authored by leaders and experts in the field and prove to be resources you will refer to time and time again!”
Michelle M. Rimmer

Don’t allow your cash flow to be interrupted
by claim denials.
Complete your claim
correctly on the first submission!

check mark Save thousands of dollars for your facility or clinic!

check mark Stop those unnecessary denials!

check mark Learn where to enter the NPI #

check mark Learn when a Type 11 or group number is required

check mark Learn the difference between CPT codes and Rev codes

check mark Learn how to determine what to put in the “type of bill” field

check mark Specific information for your particular clinic or facility

check mark Know which boxes to fill in, and which ones to leave blank

check mark Even the average person can understand this guide

check mark No fluff – just simple step by step instructions!

check mark A MUST have for anyone filing claims on a UBO4!

check mark Immediate Access – have it in front of you in 2 minutes!

Not only does this small investment have the possibility
to save you thousands of dollars… but it will also save you the
time & frustration of having to dig through that
“big book” to find your little nuggets!

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