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I just wanted to show the range of what we have received.  What I don't know, because the search feature is poor in Office Ally, is whether there is variation in payment within a Carrier (e.g., Blue Cross of California) based on the plan that a patient has.

That would be interesting to know.  Also I was thinking maybe there is a patient responsibility on the lower payments?

A quick check on a few shows no patient responsibility.

I'm not going to take the time to check now, but I do believe that patients are not to be charged anything for work that is related to C19.  Even if they have no insurance, I think Medicare published options for the provider to get some sort of reimbursement that does not involve charging the patient.

With the vaccine(s) on the horizon, with some rather nasty side effects reported that will require medical attention, it is going to be interesting to see whether the "don't charge the patient" edicts will apply to that arena as well - since it can be argued that side effects needing treatment are still related to C19.


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