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Thought you might be curious????
« on: March 15, 2008, 09:51:34 AM »
More of a conversation than a question
I recently traded the following emails with Stephanie and thought that people who are interested in starting their own medical billing business would be interested in reading them.  I know when we were first starting our business back in 1994 we were eager to hear anything we could about the medical billing business and couldn't find information in very many places.  If you're interested in this let me know and we could possible set up a section for newbies to exchange information, share experiences, tell stories, etc.

Question 3/6/08
Are you still posting the questions and answers on your "Ask the Biller"
page?  I don't see any new questions since Dec. 4th.  I really find the
questions and answers quite helpful.  Thanks for such an awesome site!
Stephanie D

Hi Stephanie,

Yes, we are still posting answers, but we've started something new, too.
We've started a forum and have been busy posting some of the questions on
the forum so that others could answer and you can put in your 2 cents when
you want to.  We've been working on it for a couple months now and just
today made the website "live".  If you get our newsletter we'll be telling
you all about it next week. 

Here's a link to the forum .  We working on it every
day and adding new stuff.  I'm not sure you can access the forum yet.  That
was getting worked on today. 

Glad to hear you are watching.  You are keeping me on my toes.  I'll try to
get the "Ask the Biller" page updated this weekend. 


Stephanie back
Thanks for taking the time to write back!  I can't imagine how busy you must
be.  Looking forward to my newsletter!  I wanted to ask a couple of
questions myself.  Do I need to post these on the forum or can I email you
directly?  I have a billing business on the side that I started last year.
It is really growing and the speech therapist that is my biggest account is
looking to open a clinic and contract out to several other therapists. 

I think I missed an email here - forgive me, but you get the idea.

Michele's reply
   No actually you are not making it complicated.  You are correct that they
should process it by the clinic name & type II NPI (& tax ID#).  You just
need to make sure that your ST is credentialed under the clinic as a
provider, but remains the same under her solo tax ID & individual NPI number
so that she can continue to bill that way also. 

    Glad you like the forum.  We are working on filling it with valuable


Stephanie back
I talked to her last night and she won't be seeing patients at the clinic
herself.  I have one more question.  She will be renting space from a
non-profit clinic already at the location.  How do I avoid any problems with
the actual physical address being the same for HER clinic and the non-profit
clinic already operating there?

 I haven't ever encountered this before so I am not sure if just adding a
suite number to her portion of the clinic is a solution and how to go about
doing that.

Thanks so much for your time and expertise!

Michele again
Hi Stephanie,

   A suite number should do the trick.  Actually it is not uncommon for multiple providers to be located at the same address, but to use completely separate billing info, tax id's, npi's etc.  The insurance companies use the NPI & the Tax ID to identify the provider and then just verify the address to make sure they have the correct location.  Although there are always the nightmare companies that seem to screw it up!

Good luck

Stephanie back
Thanks and if you and your Mom ever make it to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area I owe ya'll a dinner with some good Texas cooking!

Hey thanks a lot - we'll take you up on that.

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Thought you might be curious????
« on: March 15, 2008, 09:51:34 AM »