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Any one have reviews on office ally & practice mate

I'm not familiar with either of them.  I'm hoping someone else will share on their experience.


I am currently using Office Ally and PracticeMate for my medical billing business at home. Although other vendors offer software that is more savvy when it comes to entering/sending claims, PracticeMate does the job and it's FREE! if you are in a situation where you need to save or cut back on costs. I have not implemented the scheduling center so unfortunately, I dont have anything to say about that. Hope this helps!

Thank you for the info.  I am just starting a home medical billing service and could use all the good advise I can get.   I am marketing physicians for my first client.  I have 25 years experience in the medical billing field and I am tired of working for someone else and only making a hourly wage. I make $20 hrly but I know what kind of money I bring in for the physicians I work for and I want a %.  I am limited on funds right now so the free part of Office Ally and Practice Mate looked real good to me.  I just wanted to know if it was a legitimate business and not a scam.   


It is definately legite. Good luck on your first doctor! I made a lot of my marketing materials online with microsoft publisher and to cut costs. Hope it goes well for you.


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