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PC-ACE Pro32 Version 2.32 File Automatically Effective with ASC X12 5010 on Sunday, January 1, 2012
What is PC-ACE Pro32?
PC-Ace or Pro32 is a "stand alone" software package that creates a patient database and allows your office to electronically submit claims to Medicare Part A and Part B.  It is available for free from Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) upon request for use by Medicare providers for billing Medicare claims.
How is PC-ACE Pro32 becoming compliant with ACS X12 5010 on Sunday, January 1, 2012?
Effective Sunday, January 1, 2012, the only available output format for PC-ACE Pro32 Version 2.32 will be the 5010 version.  The Sunday, January 1, 2012 changeover was established as part of the version 2.32 (ASC X12 5010) update, prior to issuance of the OESS 90-Day Discretionary Enforcement announcement.  This Pro32 v2.32 update file includes software changes necessary to ensure your Pro32 claims are submitted in the ASC X12 837 v5010 format.  All Trading Partners should be on the current version of PC-ACE Pro 32 as the software is set up to automatically expire every 8 months therefore requiring the new version to be downloaded/installed no later than Sunday, January 1, 2012.
PC-ACE Pro32 software version for ASC X12 v5010 has several CMS Medicare mandates and enhancements:
  The current Pro32 upgrade is applicable to (January 2007) and later versions for the PC-ACE Pro32 software
  ASC X12 version 5010 Errata production software changes:
-          ASC X12 version 4010A1 no longer an option after Sunday, January 1, 2012
-          Zip code requires full 9-position value
-          Billing provider must include physical address.  Post office and lock boxes are not permitted.
-          ZIP code on all Facility Reference file records must include full 9-position value
5010/D.0 Implementation Calendar
Current Events
 Saturday, December 31 End of the transition year; beginning of 5010 production environment
Past Events
For a complete list of past 5010 National Provider Calls, please visit the 5010 National Provider Calls section of our Versions 5010 & D.0 website.
Links to more information on Version 5010, NCPDP D.0, and NCPDP 3.0 are available at
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