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--- Quote ---I would NOT recommend Kareo to anyone.  They have great review on websites (most of which they have paid to be on ) and some forums.  But for those of us that use them, they tell a very different story.
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Sorry, I have to disagree, as a user both myself and the clients that utilize Kareo are very happy.

--- Quote ---Their support team is absolutely horrible.  I have to pay a support fee (between $100 and $200 monthly in addition to your monthly service fee) to talk to someone.  They offer chat support, but the hold time to chat with a rep is at least and hour.  Recently I waited 3 hours only to have the rep tell me I was taking to much time because she didn't know the answer to my question.
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The max plan is $299 per provider and I've received nothing but awesome support, Since my clients have their own accounts they absorb the costs. IF I maintained their accts, and since I charge flat monthly pricing, this amount could be included in the per client costs to which I add to the flat monthly fee. 

--- Quote --- If you read the community forum it really tels the story.  But of course you can't access the forum unless you sign up for the service.  And to make matters worse, they are fully aware of the problems users are having but aren't interested in fixing any of them.
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If you are talking about bugs or glitches, I can't really say I've experienced any using them and I've been using for a while now, a few years ago it seemed like a lot of fixes and bugs were needed but done efficiently and pretty quick. They were fast as heck with the 5010 updates and they provide MORE resources on the industry than any other vendor I've ever encountered (and I've probably used and/or seen 97% or more of the others)  I've never seen them show lack of concern over a bug or a fix. Perhaps there are features some want/need that they can't accommodate immediately, but they wouldn't be any different from other vendors. Can't please all of the people, all of the time.

--- Quote ---They are cheap compared to some other services and that's why they are growing.
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I don't think that's a fair adjective since you've eluded to the costs being high. Cheap in regards to servicing and support? No, absolutely not. I'd not switch even for any of the free services. I'd rather pay for quality than get free that does not suit mine or my clients needs.

--- Quote --- I really wish I'd found more honest reviews before I signed up for them. So for those considering using Kareo, I would call them and start asking some hard questions about their clearinghouse problems, posting issues and the mess they have made of fee schedules and contract. Watch them dance around the questions.  If you sign up with them you will regret it...I sure do
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When I talked to their references I maintained a lot of contact with them and also My community (PMRNC) has a LOT of Kareo users who are genuinely happy. I'm sure no one is 100% happy all the time, but I've not heard any negative experiences that I can remember.  I have always told people that if you are NEW in the industry, Kareo might not be a good first choice in vendors. They are VERY upfront with their training/education info.. THEY do not train medical billers. If you HAVE never used any other PM system, you will indeed find Kareo to be a bit cumbersome and hard to maneuver and you will be disappointed in their lack of training newbies.   

It's good you have not had the horrible experience so many other users have.  It is very expensive and time consuming to move from on system to another.  And if Kareo could listen to their users, build better software then this would not be an issue.  But, I'm very confused on why it's necessary to break down my post almost line for line in order to discount my statement.  Obviously, your involvement with Kareo is more than an end user.  You may be a paid advertiser which is fine, but I think we are all here to offer information on our personal experiences.  Before deciding to go with Kareo, I wish I could have found information on the good, the bad and the ugly and made my decision from that.  Thatís all Iím trying to offer.  Iíve been in the health insurance industry for over 15 years.  My bachelorís degree is in health care management and I hold multiple licenses and certifications. My ďday jobĒ is with one of the largest MCO in my service area.  I manage a network of hundreds of providers resolving both front end and back end provider issues.  I think itís safe to say Iím not ďnewĒ to this industry.  I feel any product built on a SaaS platform, such as Kareo, should deliver on the product they promote.  For me Kareo did not deliver. Itís just that simple.  But once again, thatís my experience and Iím glad your experience was more positive.  My purpose in reading posts on this website was to get information on other programs available and this forum offered me very valuable information.  Thank you to all those who take time from their busy day to share and give insightÖincluding the young lady which scrutinized my post so harshly.  ;)


  1.)  Will your budget allow you to purchase / lease the software that will do what you need it to do?

  2.) Could you humor me and list some of the features you need in your work that Kareo can not handle - maybe in their order of importance to you.  Folks here can maybe direct you to software that can do what you need it to do.  But maybe that software is beyond the reach of your budget.

  3.) The request in #2 is totally separate from this point:  if you have not received a satisfactory response from Kareo, is it possible that the software maybe can do what you need, you just don't know how to make it happen?

  4.)  The users and the software developers are both caught between a rock and a hard place.  Don't know how it is going to resolve itself, other than through forums like this one.  Bootleg copies of Kareo are bound to show up.  If they allow their user forums to be open to the general public, those who have pirated the software can figure out how to use it without needing to go through Kareo - and Kareo loses an income stream.  Companies can't survive if they don't have income streams.  But we can't learn how to use a product without instructions.  What to do?  If you can list some things here that you want Kareo to do, perhaps Kareo users here can help you out.

Kareo has a billing service which they just started.
They charge 5- 8% and outsource the billing to India at 1%; they have a sales staff here.
How do I know?
They would admit that they outsource the billing offshore. I know the going rate in India. They probably do even better.
They hit a goldmine, charge 6% and sub contract at 1%; that is called free enterprise system.
Every major billing company does the same, Kareo just got on the bandwagon.

I think this is really great.  Billing company outsources to India.  Insurance Carrier outsources to India.  Insurance Carrier denies payment.  Billing company call center calls the Insurance Carrier call center to resolve the issue.  And we end up with Indian talking to Indian - in their native language, no doubt - resolving a health payment issue for an American.  Great setup!



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