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Therapy & Speech Therapy Billing”

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Inside You’ll Discover…

 7 Things a Therapist Needs, But Might Have Missed in School

 5 Common Reasons Therapists Get Claims Denied

 How to Avoid the Pitfalls With Proper Preparation

 How Participation With Insurance Carriers Affects the Billing

“God Bless You for the services you give us. The books, the blog, the newsletter; I picked the best time to go into this business for myself and now I can benefit from your wisdom and experience. Thank You!”
Tamera in Columbia, Ca – Mane Claims Medical Billing
Whether you are a therapy office looking to have a better understanding of the billing process, an established billing service looking to expand your billing specialties or a new biller trying to get started in the field of therapy, this book will give you an introduction to the “ins and outs” of therapy billing. 

Topics That We Cover In Detail…

The Credentialing Process – the pros & cons of credentialing, obtaining & tracking applications, & what If you are denied enrollment?
Commercial Insurance Carriers
Steering Clear of Fraud
Example Forms – required forms for billing, HIPAA signature release, intake sheet, workers comp & auto accident intake sheet
Examples of superbills for PT, OT, and ST
Understanding Authorizations and Referrals
Submitting & Tracking Claims, Secondary Claims, and Tertiary Claims
What do you do when you don’t hear anything on a claim?
Using Modifiers
NPI #s, PTANs, UPINs, EINs, SS#s, & Other Confusing Numbers
Common CPT, ICD9, ICD10, and Taxonomy Codes
Claims for Workers Comp, Auto Accident, Medicare, and Medicaid
Experimental & Investigational Treatments
Insurance Payments, Patient’s Portion, & Denials
Steps to Take For Hiring Office Help



What Others Are Saying!

Hi Alice & Michele, I would like to let you ladies know how helpful and great your books are. It is truly a blessing to have individuals who have been in the industry for a long time and who are successful in the business to share their knowledge, as well as the mistakes you have made along the way so that the new business owner will not make the same mistakes. You ladies are great and you will have continued success because you do not mind sharing and helping others in this industry to succeed. Once again thank you so much for being the ladies that you are!!!! 

Danielle Dukes – Physician First Practice Management

Hi Alice and Michele,I just finished your newest book titled “Pricing Your Medical Billing Service”. Your book is very timely with all the debate about the best (or legal) way to charge for your medical billing services. Despite owning a medical billing business for over 18 years, I still wrestle with charging our doctors on a percentage basis (which is how most of our accounts are set up) VS a fixed monthly fee. You make a compelling case for choosing the latter. 

Pricing Your Medical Billing Service is a great resource for a new billing service or anyone who is struggling between the different billing options, especially those who have clients in the states that you mention who do not allow percentage billing.

David Keenan

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